Whispering Mist – Book one of the Vudaki saga


Whispering Mist – Book one of the Vudaki saga

by Marley Kin



“Book one of the Vudaki saga” – first part of a trilogy that integrates suspence, romance, adventure and mystical themes.

Imagine a civilization with a caste-system that is shackled by an oppressive government and trapped by geological barriers, where the only means of escape is to join an underground community, to follow the cryptic guidance of an advanced race that lives on the far side of a perilous sea, which is veiled by a mantle of fog.

Whispering Mist is the tale of Rayna, an ironically rebellious young woman, and Nyle, her treasonous yet honorable lover, and their quest for political and personal liberation. Supported by multiple subplots and comic relief, the central narrative is set between the intertwined worlds of Valaycia and Yugatania, which are ruled ambiguously by the alchemistic Vudaki, a godlike race of semi-benevolent beings who swim beneath and fly above the Sea of Smoke.

As an epic fantasy, Whispering Mist employs a unique vocabulary to describe atypical creatures that populate an original world with two moons of different colors

If you seek an author who writes concisely with precision, Marley Kin will satisfy.

If you seek an unconventional story, Whispering Mist will mystify.



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