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Are you interested in a career as a fundraiser?
Do you want to launch your own public charity?

Take It for Granted offers a complete class in Fundraising & Organizational Development. Along with the basics of grant writing, you will learn all about charitable organizations, developing a board of directors, nonprofit vs for-profit terminology, the different types of fundraising, and much more.

Email or call us at 720-257-9373 to learn more.


• is individual (not a large group)
• by phone (unless you live in the Boulder, CO, area and wish to meet in person)
• lasts a total of 6 hours (available in 1 hour sessions)
• includes a printed copy of our e-book Thou Shalt Not Lie About Grants
• costs $295 (payable through PayPal)


Session 1: Find out if starting a nonprofit it for you. In many ways, it's akin to running a business. We'll cover a list of questions you should ask yourself as well as cover the various challenges you will face.

Session 2: What is involved with founding your nonprofit? Learn about filing the proper documents with the IRS and your state, nonprofit benefits such as tax exemptions, development plans, board of directors, and volunteers & other staff.

Session 3: Learn how to create all the different documents required for fundraising. These include a cover letter, letter of intent, one-page donation letter, two-page proposal, a long grant proposal based on the Colorado Common Grant Application), budgets & statements of activity, and biographies. Also explore options of recording your data, such as establishing a database.

Session 4: Explore grant writing. Understand the five different types of grants, finding & contacting foundations and government agencies (state grant guides), areas of interest, how to submit applications, deadlines, and the dreaded grant scams.

Session 5: Discover the many other types of fundraising (individual donors, corporate sponsorships, special events, earned income, in-kind donations) as well as how you are allowed to spend the money (restricted vs. unrestricted funds).

Session 6: Use this final session to ask any remaining questions you may still have. • ©2018