NEW Books – June, 2015



“Thou Shalt Not Lie About Grants:
Learning the Craft of Grant-Writing”

by Mark Klosterman

OverviewBOOK1-Grant Swapped

Don’t let the title of this book deceive you. Because it does tell the truth about so-called ‘free money’ and the world of government grants. But debunking cyberspace fallacies is only a subplot. After setting the stage and the record straight, this guide-book is a sweeping yet straightforward script about the craft of writing grants and courting foundations. Although the book’s tone is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it applies a no-nonsense style to the faithful world of grants and how to win their hearts.
This primer on grant writing includes 40 rules not to break, explains the difference between courting government agencies, private foundations, and corporations, and discusses strategies for writing your grant proposal.


“The Tao of Bartering & Local Currency ”

by Mark Klosterman

OverviewBOOK2-Bartering_and_Local_Currency Mark_Klosterman-swap 1

With a healthy balance between gravity and levity, this guide book will take you on a journey that brings historical understanding and personal anecdote together with contemporary challenges and practical solutions. Along the way, you’ll examine the nature of currency, consider new ways to exchange goods and services, and explore how to become more self-reliant, all from a bird’s eye view, unless you’re afraid of flying.




“Life-Extension Tips”

by Richard France, Mark Klosterman


This e-book is a sensible and comprehensive guide to nutrition that includes a lot of health-related tips. The overall context of this book is influenced by Eastern principles of nutrition and health yet it also includes Western principles as well. One theme of this book is that proper nutrition needs to be integrated into a person’s entire life and applied consistently, whether the goal is weight-loss, emotional balance, general well-being, or increasing one’s life-time (longevity).

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