We can provide the words, graphics, and numbers that will tell your story, sell your product and convince potential investors why they should chose your business over the competition.

Following a standard business plan template, we will create a 25 - 30 page document that will:

- Describe the need for your new business
- List your product(s) and services
- Explore your target market and customers
- Summarize the competition, industry trends & demands, and your competitive advantage
- Detail your sales & pricing strategy as well as advertising & promotion activities
- List your management team and resources
- Outline your financial projections for the first few years of operation
- Explain your start-up financing requirements
- And much more!

We will include market studies, graphs, charts and photographs of your product as needed.


Let us help you with your promotional articles, brochures and advertisements.

Along with one-time jobs, we are also happy to take on weekly, monthly and other recurring projects.

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